Guzu Herself
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I'm not the best at talking about myself when prompted. I find it easier to do so when a particular subject of interest comes up instead. So this page, during its creation, may be updated on an irregular basis.

I'm a shy, languages-obsessed, music-addicted girl with little real fashion sense breezing by through life. I go day-to-day probably thinking too much about the future than I need to (sometimes it makes me sad) and trying to comfort myself to the best of my ability.

I got into making this to basically just create and retry learning HTML. I wanted to make something I could use to write stuff about myself down and log the things I've done for someone else to see. This site is pretty much the only time I've ever really expressed myself anywhere online since I'm extremely socially anxious.
Games I've Played / Am Playing (with pictures!)
Genshin Impact
❤︎ Animal Crossing Gamecube
Elden Ring
❤︎ どうぶつの森 (e+)
Tears of the Kingdom
❤︎ Breath of the Wild
❤︎ Splatoon 2
Splatoon 3
Stardew Valley
❤︎ Minecraft

More visible in my room! (not available yet ❤︎)
My Favorite Music (with pictures!)
陣内大蔵 - Dadaism (Moratorium)

...And at least 1593 (±17) more that I won't list because then the page would take too long to load and be too cluttered.