Welcome to the log page, where I list the recent site updates!
Please scroll down (The almighty stump stays visible!!).

June 8th 2024: First and foremost I began working on the radio page. I changed the landing page to show the stamps and buttons by default since it was feeling pretty empty in there. The option to hide them is still there tho. I finally made a button too, which I'm actually pretty proud of. It's also been added to the landing page, along with a visit and an online counter. By now, the About Me page includes more as well. I think that's all :3 Wait no there's also the sailor venus and mars gifs on the landing and netstuffs pages. I'm trying to add more visible personality to my corner, so more things like that are to come.

May 5th 2024: I finally changed the site so that fonts are locally hosted. Hopefully this fixes readability and, most importantly, the overall look of the site. Also adjusted the collection of stamps and 88x31s on the home page. If you want to see them, there's a button to expand/collapse them.

April 28th 2024: Finally added the Animal Crossing Gamecube Page!!! It's a little lack-luster atm, as I'm not sure how to decorate it very well, but the log is finally up. I also added a marquee of blinkies on the about page and started the real stuff page.

April 23rd 2024: Added a couple small new features. The site update date is now semi-visible in the flowers on the index.html screen. There are also (currently incomplete) lists of games and music on the about page. A little bit of work on the ACGC page. It can be accessed from a crudely-placed link in the crudely-made main stuff page. It's weird how the "main stuff" page, the page where most of the attention should be directed, hasn't had anything meaningful on it since the start. Anyway, that's pretty much it. I'm too tired to remember the rest of what I added (2:48am)

April 15th 2024: Updated main page layouts. Next update I'll finally add my Animal Crossing Gamecube log since I've finally figured out how to put divs next to each other. There is still an issue on the Netstuffs page though and I'm trying to figure that one out...

April 4th 2024: Decided I'd keep the time-themed music for a different page instead, so I set the BGM to the rainy day theme in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. Also changed the background because it looked really repetitive.

April 3rd 2024: I added some functionality to the log page. For now, it plays some placeholder music while I figure out how to match music to the time of day. Site logs, which are now officially being created, are added too.

April 2nd 2024: I added the log page! It was listed in the menu before, but now it actually functions. As of today it's just a picture of a stump.