This is my treasure room! It's just a collection of sites and pages I find and feel like keeping. On the left, there are links that do not have site buttons associated with them (The top ones are ones I made or manage). On the right, there are the sites that do have buttons.
My Pinterest (possible cw?)
My Spotify, as much as I don't like the platform very much.
My NameMC

Sukinapan, a creator with really a really cool style. I really like her game, Hlina.
Luiger, a YouTube channel that livestreams old Japanese music.
University of Twente WebSDR, the first WebSDR I ever found. It's what really kickstarted my obsession with radios.
Map of WebSDRs
Pacarana / Leechplus, the one that pretty much sparked my spiral into making this site.
The Library of Babel
Radiooooo, a site for finding obscure music, sorted by country.
UwUlang Dictionary
JelonzoBot, a site showing Splatoon schedules., a vaporwave online radio.
Bunglepaws, a site for finding music genres or artists related to certain genres.
Animal Crossing OST, hourly Animal Crossing Music. Choose the game in the bottom left corner.
Windows 93
Suyu on Neocities (Epilepsy warning). I think the best page is the 404 page.
Omniglot, a collection of bunch of language-related things.